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We love working with sellers and look forward to sharing our home-selling plan with you!
We love selling homes, that's what we do. Since 1981 we've helped thousands of enthusiastic Silicon Valley homeowners buy, sell and plan their path forward, we're kinda good at it.

*** SPOILER ALERT *** The truth is, selling often times isn't the highest AND best option and may not be in your best interest. Why would you sell, incur the expense, aggravation and lose all the future appreciation in a home you've worked so hard for? Why not turn your home in to a long term rental, part of your retirement and buy the next home that meets your quality of life objectives?

Sounds kinda crazy coming from a real estate company HUH? Wait what??

It's true, we will always do the right thing, stay "In Integrity", help you build your future, even if it means taking $$$ out of our own pocket. You might think we're losing a sale but we're really not. What we are doing is protecting, educating, empowering and guiding you through our real estate market gaining your confidence, friendship, referrals and building long term relationships based on solid principles.

We believe great wealth is made by buying and keeping, not buying and selling.

Talk to us and we'll explore ALL your options, not just the ones that make us money.

If selling TRULY does make sense, we employ state of the art technology, systems, relationships and teams to extract every dollar efficiently, faster and with less liability so you can sleep well.
Home Selling Process
Marketing Analysis & Pricing
Home Preparation & Staging
Marketing & Showings
Offers & Negotiation
Contract & Paperwork
Closing & Beyond

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