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  • Yezmin

    " I had the fortune of working with JR on the purchase of my current home. He was incredibly professional and at the same time accessible at a personal level. He is very involved in the community and has a tremendous amount of connections in every aspect of the home selling and buying process. JR took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for and why. He made suggestions and gave me ample information while at the same time always respecting my decisions without trying to push me in a particular direction. Thanks to his many years of experience in real estate, specifically here in Silicon Valley, he was able to give me insights that research alone would not have gotten at. JR helped me cast a wide search of houses that could fit my search criteria. His background in, and familiarity with, the construction business made it possible for him to advise me on properties that had hidden value and would be easily adapted to my likes and needs. Once I had decided on homes, JR would put together very thorough and well planned applications. Everything was on time and he made a point to personally deliver them if at all possible. The sellers’ agents recognized and appreciated this courtesy and I am sure it worked to my advantage even if the first bids were ultimately not successful. In addition, JR has experience in mortgage origination, so he was able to put together a sound analysis of my financial situation and validate my budget. He shared contacts in the industry with me that proved extremely valuable. In the end, I selected my credit union’s financing option and he worked hand in hand with my loan officer to make the process as smooth as possible. Finally, the home I ultimately purchased was great but I wanted to do some remodeling. JR went above and beyond just recommending a contractor to help me with the work – he stayed in touch and helped manage the initiation of the project long after our transaction had closed. He felt personally responsible for his recommendation and did everything he could to facilitate communication between me and the working team. I felt that I had his support every step of the way. Overall, my experience was nothing but positive and I would not hesitate one bit to recommend JR to any of my friends and relatives. "

  • Melvin R

    Mr. J.R. McKee was extremely helpful in the selling of my home on Schubert Avenue in the following ways: 1. Suggested that we repaint the exterior. "Nobody buys blue houses." 2. Demonstrated knowledge on how to stage the house. 3. Took a personal interest in our home and followed through. 4. Was firm during negotiations to our benefit. 5. Is very knowledgeable about rules and regulations of buying and selling property. I would highly recommend Armin for any real estate transaction. "

  • Erin B

    " JR was and is a blessing. We met him while looking at homes and immediately I felt like he had our best interest in mind. He sat down with us and went over incomes, finances, the process of buying and selling a home and was only a call, text or email away. He sold our home, which was out of his normal area and worked with us day and night to find our new home. Even after we closed escrow, he continues to help with references for projects, help us with his own hands and provide guidance whenever we ask. We are lucky to call him a friend now. "


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